Vendor Problems on Christmas Tree Lane

Fresno, CA, USA Hundreds of drivers line up to see the shiny displays of Christmas Tree Lane. But coordinator Dean Alexander said nearby grinches are ruining the experience. "We see vendors every night it depends some sell hats, some sell the neon necklaces we've had vendors sell the candy apples last year we had a fake Santa Claus ask for donations; it's an issue." Alexander said it's tough to reign in the vendors because of all the traffic. But the vendors are themselves creating a traffic hazard. "It's a safety issue and also it's just something, it distracts from the spirit of Christmas."

One vendor insists he got the okay from the city. Further down Van Ness, people selling candy apples say they didn't know vendors weren't allowed. They said they're raising money for their church, Table Mountain Full Gospel in Friant. "Well it's not a bad thing because we're trying to help families from church and we're trying to just help them whatever they need so it's not a bad thing," said Nicole Oritz.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office said the vendors aren't that much of a problem. "Usually it's just let them know politely that they can't be in the area vending here and a lot of times they'll move south into the city area and I'm not sure how the city responds to that," said Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sherriff's Office.

Christmas Tree Lane organizers said while the vendors leave when they're asked, they always come back.


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