Northeast Fresno Murder Baffles Investigators

Fresno, CA, USA There are two crime scenes. There are also two men involved, both had serious injuries. But one of those men died and now police can't figure out who the victim is and who the suspect is.

For much of Sunday, Chestnut Ave. in Northeast Fresno was blocked off as Fresno Police tried to figure out who attacked who; leading to a murder.

"It happened either in the house or out in the front yard. We're getting conflicting reports," said Greg Coleman with the Fresno Police.

For police, a chair knocked over on its side is a sign of a struggle. Investigators said a man in his mid-20's was taken to St. Agnes Hospital where he died.

Lt. Greg Coleman said he had several injuries. "Not sure if gunshot or stab wounds."

A second man with head injuries was taken to community regional medical center. "Preliminary investigation shows he may be a suspect in part of this crime," said Coleman.

Detectives said they found one of the victims at a home several blocks away on Chestnut. However, crime scene investigators said the bulk of evidence like a gun and knife were found at this house, right across the street from neighbor Jeff Kimura.

"It's a very quiet neighborhood. I was surprised to come around and see crime scene tape at the corner and just outside of where my house is at," said Kimura.

Kimura had just come home from a hunting trip. His image of the ideal crime-free neighborhood was shattered by a murder a little too close to home.

"Yeah it is surprising and I hope it's not one of my neighbors that I know. But if it's somebody in their twenties sounds like somebody I wouldn't know.

Investigators are working on a motive and no arrests have been made. There is no word on the condition of the second man with head injuries taken to Community Regional Medical Center.


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