Sanger Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Sanger, CA, USA Police were called to a Sanger home earlier this month after a neighbor called to report a whining dog. When they got there, police found the injured dog and scissors nearby. "The subject was intoxicated and he decided she would look better with her ears out of her face and so he basically took a pair of scissors and chopped her ears off," said Sanger Animal Control Officer Don Scott.

Police arrested 34 year old Irenceo Perales at the scene. They say Perales had been living with the family and was covered in blood. "There were not a lot of injuries on the subject at all, where she bit. She was so trusting, she didn't even try to fight back," said Scott.

The dog was rushed to Veterinary Emergency Services in Fresno, but when the animal's owners couldn't pay for her vet bill, Dr. Margret Andersen offered to pay for her care. Maggie is named after the vet who came to her rescue.

Dr. Gregory Saiki of Academy Veterinary Hospital in Sanger removed stitches from Maggie's ears Monday. He says it's common for some owners to ask vets to clip their pit bull's ears but it's always done with anesthetic, and it should never be tried at home. "This surgery was done without anesthetic. So inhumane and cruel, yeah," said Dr. Saiki.

Officer Don Scott says despite Maggie's injuries, she still seems eager to please. Now, all she needs is a new family. If you would like to meet Maggie you can call the Sanger Animal Shelter at 875-8521.


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