Valley Reaction to Gaza ... Israel Conflict

Fresno, CA, USA For four straight days, rocket attacks and air strikes have created panic and bloodshed in Israel and the Gaza strip.

The death toll has grown to nearly 400. It's an ongoing battle thousands of miles away that hits close to home for several Valley families.

"I hope so. It's a day to day event, hopefully they come out of it," said Ihab Elzaanoun.

Ihab Elzaanoun was born and raised in Gaza city. Now his home is in Northeast Fresno. His parents still live in the Middle East. The last time they spoke was Tuesday morning.

"She said the neighborhood is basically rubbles of rubbles and blood everywhere and pieces of shattered glass," said Elzaanoun.

Ihab's concern for his family is shared by Vic Rosenthal a Central Fresno resident, whose two children and two grandchildren live in Israel.

"Hopefully he won't get called up," said Vic Rosenthal.

Vic's son is in the army ... a job that changes day by day.

"So, if there's a ground invasion, he'll get a telephone call maybe in the middle of the night and he'll put on his uniform and kiss his wife and kids good bye," said Rosenthal.

Both men say conflict in the area is all people living there know. They are hopeful though, that the possibility of a resolution is just that ... possible.

"Hopefully this operation will be successful and the military capabilities of Hamas will be destroyed and the missiles will stop falling on Israeli civilians," said Vic Rosenthal.

"I think its always been symbolized v for victory, but I think its two peoples in one land. There are two people, the Israelis and the Palestinians can live together without political ideologies that have been developed over the years," said Elzaanoun.

And until the gunfire ends, these two men with different world views will both do the only thing they can...hope and pray.


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