Feeling Under The Weather This Holiday?

Health Watch Crowded airports, cold weather, and large holiday gatherings are just a few of the factors valley doctors blame for a sudden surge in sickness.

Cynthia Strickler's three young children are among several patients being treated for cold and flu-like symptoms at local urgent care clinics this holiday.

Doctor Ify Ekelem has seen about a 25 percent increase in the number of patients with viral infections in the past few weeks.

Some local pharmacists said they've had up to four times as many customers shopping for cold remedies recently. And Google's flu trend tracker shows the statewide flu activity level rose from low to moderate just this week. Dr. Ekelem said along with the winter weather and exposure to visiting friends and family, holiday stress may also put people at greater risk for an illness.

So to stay healthy, Dr. Ekelem recommends getting enough rest, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding others with illnesses. But those who do come down with severe symptoms may need to see a doctor.

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