Valley Restaurant Donates Nearly a Thousand Burritos

Fresno, CA, USA "It's going to be a lot of burritos. Those guys are working hard to so I want to make sure the burritos are what they are supposed to be."

Volunteer food director Erin Parnagian says that's a major donation. Now they only need two more vendors to volunteer at 2 am.

"We have a 24 hour set going so that means food around the clock for everyone."

Barnard says workers will get the same burritos served in Chipotle restaurants. Over the course of 5 days they are going to have to make at least a thousand of them.

"We've got a location over at the Sierra Vista mall and this one at Fig Garden so we're going to kind of divide it between the two of us."

This is no small feat, especially when you look at the price tag. A burrito at Chipotle will cost you $6.50. If you add guacamole at a $1.65 and chips for 90 cents, then multiply all of that times a thousand meals, the total is more than nine thousand dollars.

"We've donated burritos to this thing, and that thing and it's kind of what we do. We like being a part of the community."

Parnagian says volunteers like Deli Delicious, DiCicco's, the Firefighters Association and Chili's are a few of the organizations that have also volunteered to feed the crew.

"That's a lot to ask at this time of year from local vendors but we've been getting a really good response."

As for Barnard, he says it's exciting to be one of the ingredients that helps crews build a Central Valley dream home.

Those coordinating the volunteer effort say there are items that still need to be donated; like paper plates, napkins, garbage bags, bottled water, caffeinated drinks, juices and of course, lots of coffee.


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