Israeli Conflict In Gaza Stirs Local Emotions

Fresno, CA, USA Monier El Sakka, who's from Gaza explained why he was protesting:"To support the Palestinian children that are getting killed. I saw a lot of things on the TV and you know, we just hurt our heart. The least we can do is support them here. Stand for them."

During services at the Islamic Cultural Center Israel's military action in Gaza was criticized. The mosque's Imam, Sayed Ali Ghazvini told his congregation: "Israel is not defending itself, by using disproportinate force against innocent people."

While lamenting the loss of innocent lives, Israels actions are supported by many at the Jewish Synagogue, Temple Beth Israel.

Rabbi Robert Ourach said, " Many, many, many members of this congregation feel very, very strongly that Israel has the right to defend it's citizens and their safety when they are under this kind of barrage."

While Ghazavini said many local Muslims feel the plight of those in Gaza. "Most of our community are immigrants. Some of them are born in Gaza or the West Bank, and this is actually makes us more concerned." He said.


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