Israeli Troops Push into Gaza Urban Areas

Jerusalem This is day 11 of Israel's campaign against Hamas militants, and the fourth day of the ground war. The death toll is rising quickly but there is word of a possible cease fire.

Israeli troops pushed into urban areas in both the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

The total number of Palestinians dead is now more than 600. The U.N. said at least a quarter of them civilians.

Tuesday at a U.N. school where civilians were taking refuge, dozens, mostly women and children were killed when it was struck by an Israeli missile. The Israeli military isn't commenting on this strike but said generally Hamas uses civilians as cover.

The Israeli advance is moving so fast that four Israeli soldiers were killed in two separate friendly fire incidents. Despite 11 days of punishing attacks, Hamas is still firing rockets at Israel.

Avi Kidron's 12-year-old daughter was nearly killed Tuesday when a rocket landed outside their home; further north than ever before just 17-miles from Tel Aviv. His daughter heard the alert and in seconds made it to the families' shelter.

Hanan Ashwari, a Palestinian politician and activist, said the Israeli offensive will only have one result. "I think that this blow has been a blow to the voices of moderation in the region and ultimately it will strengthen the voices of extremism and violence," said Palestinian Parliament member Hanan Ashwari.

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