Extreme Challenges for Extreme Makeover

Fresno, CA, USA But before that can happen local developer De Young properties has to plan for the extremely short time they have to build the house.

There are quite a few challenges ahead like weather which can slow the construction process. De Young and his team will have 4 ½ days to make the house a reality.

Jerry De Young and his family have firmly planted their roots in home development in Fresno and in the Valley ... In a few days the De Youngs will use their years of success and expertise to build one Valley family a new home for the ABC hit show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

"I think the biggest challenge is weather and so far the outlook is good," said Jerry De Young.

As seen on the show after the demolition of the old house the builders move in. What normally takes 4-7 months to build will be reduced to 4 ½ days. First De Young must use a quick-dry cement to start the foundation.

"They use hot water and some chemicals. I don't know the exact compound but a chemist has come up with the actual mixture and it actually starts to harden in about an hour and a half. Within three hours they're ready to start framing on it," said De Young.

Normal projects are called "horizontal" builds and spaced out over several months with sub-contractors coming and going. Ryan De Young said this project will be more intense because it is a "vertical" build.

"So you have a lot of subcontractors working at the same time hand in hand. So it's definitely a challenge to balance the amount of people working at the same time," said Ryan De Young.

Most of the details surrounding the project are secret and closely guarded but one innovative feature of the eco-friendly house will be this device called an energy recovery ventilator or E.R.V.

"It senses when there is moisture and that moisture is transformed and removed from the air inside the house to try to stop any moisture contact causing mold issues," said Jerry De Young.

Construction crews will work 13 hour shifts during the building phase. On day 5 De Young will hand the keys to the house over so the 'Extreme Team' can furnish and accessorize it.


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