All 4 Living Presidents Meet with Obama

Fresno, CA, USA Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Senator Richard Durbin met with that candidate Roland Burris Wednesday morning. Reid had warm words for Burris but said he is awaiting a decision from the Illinois Supreme Court.

Governor Rod Blagojevich named Burris as the one to fill Obama's vacant senate seat but the Illinois governor is accused of trying to sell the seat to the highest bidder.

Wednesday morning Obama suggested he was ready to accept Burris as his successor. the latest meeting comes as Barack Obama announces a new chief performance officer.

With a trillion-dollar deficit and the economy in deep recession, President-Elect Barack Obama announced Nancy Killefer as the government's new chief performance officer. Her job is to streamline federal agencies to become more efficient and less wasteful.

"The P.C.P.'s job becomes more vital with a federal government hemorrhaging cash," said Obama.

The Bush Administration has already doled out half of the $700-billion dollar financial bailout funds- leaving $350-billion dollars left for Obama's administration to spend.

The house financial services committee met Wednesdy presenting lawmakers' own conflicting ideas on how to spend it. If the Federal Reserve is correct, we're in for a tough six months, with a slow recovery towards the end of the year.

Tuesday, the fed projected the first half of 2009 would be difficult before the economy would start to recover.

President Elect Obama and President Bush will get a chance to talk about the economy in a meeting at the White House Wednesday. For the first time since 1981, all living presidents will meet at the White House for lunch.


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