Movie spotlights Apple-obsessed "MacHeads"


"MacHeads" is a film about people who have developed a fanatic devotion to all things Mac and Apple. Ordinary people who have become part of a Mac cult. The film is by two Israeli brothers who weren't even Mac users.

"What attracted us was the volume of the passion that this cult or community has for the brand," said producer Ron Shely.

And some take it to the extreme. One user feels her Mac is a pet or a member of the family. Another one says she has never knowingly dated a Windows user.

"It's not only portraying the extremists, but it's really a documentary about social and cultural phenomenon," said producer Kobi Shely.

"And also Steve Jobs, I might say, as the prophet of technology," said Ron Shely.

The brothers got their inspiration at Macworld three years ago. There is a story lurking behind thosse placid facades. The video cameras blazed. They wound up with nearly 90 hours of footage. It took two years to edit it down to 54 minutes trying to perceive why Apple appeals to people's emotions.

"You might say Gucci also has followers. But the Mac fans are definitely... perceive Mac as something intrinsic of their lives," said Ron Shely.

The trailer online has received reaction worldwide. The world premiere is Wednesday at Macworld. Later this month it will be on iTunes and then shown on TV channels around the world.

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