Extreme Makeover ... Volunteer Pep Rally

Fresno, CA, USA That was the theme of Mondays pep rally where workers cheered, and even shed a tear, as Conrad Ricketts; executive producer for /*Extreme Makeover Home Edition*/ encouraged them to make what may seem impossible possible.

"From the time the family leaves until the family returns we have 106 hours and in 136 builds no one has ever failed. Fresno is not going to fail."

A volunteer group of nearly 100 skilled workers like plumbers, framers and electricians say one word sums up today's message.


"I think it's going to be exciting for the whole central valley here."

Since the announcement was made five days ago, 25 hundred people from the Central Valley have signed on to help. Ricketts says that's the heart of the show.

"The house is a smaller story about a community coming together."

That's what another organization, Habitat for Humanity, has been doing in the Fresno community for almost 25 years.

The Fresno community has a history of coming together for its neighbors. Habitat for humanity just completed this house and now they are putting the finishing touches on the one just behind it. Tony Miranda with Habitat for Humanity says it's all an effort to help a family in need."

Providing decent affordable homes is something everybody can relate to. Anybody who wakes up in the morning knows, waking up in a good place, a safe place, a warm place that's important for everybody."

Habitat for Humanity helped build 51 homes here in the crossroads subdivision in southwest Fresno. Now they are finishing the last three houses on the project. Both groups agree volunteers are the key to their success.

"I want you to come volunteer, I want you to see how we do it. So when we leave you'll realize you don't need me, you don't need Ty Pennington. You don't need Hollywood, you don't need cameras to help someone in your own neighborhood," said Conrad Ricketts.


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