2 Extreme Fans Got an Exclusive Tour

Fresno, CA, USA Clutching his faithful friend "Teddy", Soren Jacobsen takes the shuttle ride to the site of the extreme makeover home. It's a moment he's been waiting for since he heard the team was in town.

"He said Ty and his friends are in the Valley-- in the Balley I should say, he mispronounced it," says Soren's dad, Tim Jacobsen. The show is a family favorite, he says. "Every Sunday that's all I hear-- move that bus!"

Trish Jacobsen, Soren's mom: "He just loves everything about the show-- the demolition, all the tractors... it's just something that he just loves."

Four year old Soren is in awe as he takes in all the action. His parents say this is a dream come true for a little boy who's had his share of adversity. He was diagnosed with leukemia a year and a half ago-- and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Trish: "He understands his illness and we try to make his life as normal as possible."

Even though today-- he got some special treatment ... De Young properties invited Soren and 8-year old Audra Koelewyn, a patient of Saint Jude's Hospital, to not only watch the construction, but also meet the designers.

"Audrey this is Johnny---and she's from St Jude's hospital. Unfortunately she has a brain tumor-- but they are taking good care of you over there!!??"

Audra has a brain tumor, but today as she posed for pictures with designers John Littlefield and Didiayer Snyder, she was all smiles.

"They are overcoming obstacles and are not listening to the word "can't" ... They are just being positive and inspirational to all of us," said Paula De Young of De Young Properties.

Today, designer Didiayer Snyder gave only Soren and Audra a little sneak peak at what the designers were building for the Riojas children.

A day filled with excitement for two special fans ... who can't wait until they too get to yell that famous line.

Soren: "Move that bus!!!"

This is not the first dream home construction for De Young properties-- they have also built homes for St. Jude's hospital.


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