New Bin Laden Audio Tape Released

Washington For the first time in seven months a new audio message was posted on the internet believed to be from Osama Bin Laden.

On it the Al Qaeda leader promised to open new fronts against the United States and directly challenges President Elect Barack Obama questioning whether the weakened economy will prevent the U.S. from financing the war on terror.

Bin Laden said, "Now America is begging the world for money and the U.S.A. will not be as powerful as it used to be."

U.S. officials said the tape is his latest attempt to remain relevant.

Bin Laden is calling for a holy war against Israel after their nearly three week offensive against Hamas.

The fighting in Gaza is continuing. For the second time in a week, Hamas sympathizers fired into Israel from Lebanon.

The diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire ramped up as U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met with other world leaders in Egypt.

So far, nearly 1,000 people, mostly Palestinians have been killed.

Bin Laden also criticized Arab leaders in the Middle East who have remained friendly with Israel, saying it would take a jihad to free Palestine.


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