Super Bowl Ads

Tampa Bay, FL Crowds entering sure the 72,500 fans who get to see the Super Bowl live here in Tampa get the bragging rights. What they don't get is a front row seat on a Super Bowl tradition that's almost as popular as the football game: the Super Bowl commercials.

"You know most of the time everybody avoids ads as much as they can, but in the super bowl, people really tune primarily for many people to watch the advertising," said Tim Calkins, Northwest University Professor of Marketing.

This may explain why even in recessionary times companies are prepared to shell out up to $3 million dollars for 30-second spot during the broadcast. In fact Miller Beer made that the subject of one of their ads.

Because of the economy, the tone of this year's game is more muted, so are the ads. You won't see GM, Ford and Chrysler. Those that you will see are gambling that an ad that scores with viewers will be worth the hefty price tag if it drives sales.

As always beer is big, but one of the most-talked about ads, talks about jobs.

We found diehard fans at one Tampa sports bar before the game. It's a testament to the power of these ads that these guys who are going to the game know what they'll be missing

"I don't' think you can watch the commercials at the game. No, I am recording the game so I can watch the commercial," said Dave Egan of Tampa Florida. Which helps explain the premium these ads get ad like beer and hot dogs, they've become part of the game.


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