CAPISTRANO BEACH, Calif. We call them fruits and veggies. Denise Webster calls them brainy foods. The more of these foods she feeds her 10-year-old son James, the less ADD medication he needs.

"There was better clarity," Denise told Ivanhoe. "It was almost like lifting a fog off the child."

Renowned pediatrician Bill Sears, M.D., isn't surprised. He's authored over 30 parenting books and says about half of kids labeled ADD actually have NDD -- Nutritional Deficit Disorder.

"Most children with ADD can either lessen their medicines or go off medicine simply by changing their diet," Dr. Sears told Ivanhoe.

He says avoid the terrible threes -- high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and anything with a number symbol. One study found sugar raised kids' adrenaline levels 10 times up to five hours after eating it. Keeping blood sugar in check is also a must. One study found about 75 percent of hyperactive kids had abnormal blood glucose tests. Fiber-filled carbohydrates like veggies, fruits and whole grains provide a steady supply of fuel.

"Graze," Dr. Sears said. "Dr. Bill's rule of twos: Eat twice as often, half as much, and chew twice as long."

The brain is 60 percent fat, and it needs good fats to grow. Salmon is rich in omega-threes.

James is bringing home the results.

"I have two honor rolls, which is four A's, two B's," James told Ivanhoe.l

He still takes ADD ,medication but at much lower doses -- a healthy side effect of a brainy diet.

Dr. Sears says if you put your child on a brain-building diet, you'll see improvement in behavior and academic skills within a few of weeks. He also says a high-protein breakfast has been proven to help kids perform better in school.

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Rachelle Duvall
Administrative Executive to Bill Sears, M.D.
(949) 489-0020


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