Extreme Final Countdown

Fresno, CA, USA The place is just about ready. They are putting the finishing touches on everything ... a lot of decorator items being brought in. It's been an amazing show for spectators, and relatives of the family who will be moving in Thursday are excited it's just about done.

Work on the big yellow house is almost finished, and the fans seem to love it.

Sylvia Loera said, "It's gorgeous. It's gorgeous. They better not change the color or anything. It's beautiful. I'm sure she's gonna love it."

But, it's not quite done.

Ryan De Young said, "Yeah, they'll be here all night we have our design team in there. The stars are checking in and out making sure their rooms are all set up with all the furniture and just the way they want it."

For many in the crowd, this isn't their first visit to the site.

Renee Kohout said, "Actually the third."

The third time you've been here?

"We were out here last night watching them pour the cement and then we were trying to get here this morning to watch them do the lawn and all that and it was already up. I guess they did it sometime last night. We were shocked," said Kohout.

Brett Hedrick said, "I've been out here twice now. I came out here Sunday."

A lot of changes since Sunday. What do you think of the house?

"It's awesome. It's awesome they could do this for someone too," said Hedrick.

The family will be here Thursday to move in, and a really big crowd is expected to be here to be there to welcome them to their new home.

Tina Kincaid said, "I think they are gonna be totally overwhelmed. I think they are not even going to be able to sleep tonight. And I just feel like, they are just like we are. We've been here working all week and we're just totally overwhelmed."

Estefana Domenica said, "I think she's just going to be surprised and shocked and just incredibly grateful to just know her life is going to be changed from this moment on, its just exciting to see."

Now in addition to the final decorating touches there is another effort underway. To collect enough money to pay off the existing mortgage on the property. They've raised about 130 thousand, about half of what is needed.


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