Valley Temp Jobs on the Rise

Fresno, Calif. With an unemployment rate of about 12 % throughout the valley, many are turning to temp work.

Placement services say specialized skills make it easier to find you work.

The springboard to prosperity may be hiding in the conference room at Pardini's in northwest Fresno.

Anything I can find right now is great to start out with," said job seeker Jared Dodd. "Looking to maybe take a step up from there."

Hundreds of hopeful job applicants roamed the booths, hoping to locate a steady paycheck in the middle of a bad economy that's limiting what they're finding in the "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper.

"It's hard to find a job right now," said job seeker Paul Meave. "Yeah, it is. It's really hard to find a job right now. I've been applying for almost 3 months now. Still nothing." "They're still difficult to find, but they are out there, even if it's just temporary stuff like that," said Dodd.

Temporary work is becoming an answer for both job seekers and companies looking to cut costs, although it's usually not the ideal situation for either.

"Everyone who contacts us is up here in crisis level," said Denham Personnel Services manager Kathy Bray.

She says the number of people she sees looking for work is up 29 % over the last year, but what she's also noticing is that there are a lot of available jobs -- with nobody qualified to fill them.

She says specializing your skill set is the key to getting work and keeping it.

"It seems to be about 2,000 jobs all the time they can't find people for and so you need to make yourself one of those people that fits one of those jobs," she said. A lot of temporary jobs turn into permanent ones, and Bray said you can still find a job pretty easily if you can work in accounting, banking, or as an office assistant.


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