Fresno Woman's Journey to Witness History

Fresno, CA, USA The inaugural platform where Barack Obama will take the oath of office has been steadily rising at the capitol building since December of last year. It will hold some 1,600 invited guests and elected officials. Below and beyond are 1,000 additional seats along with standing room for thousands more.

Dezie Wood-Jones has swearing in tickets somewhere at that Capitol Hill location amid the enormous crowds will be Dezi Woods-Jones and her husband.

"The millions of people don't frighten me. I just prepare myself to be patient and to expect the lines. It's such an exciting day I wouldn't miss it," said Dezie Wood-Jones.

It will be a profound experience for an African-American who 42 years ago stood in a crowd of 2,500 people as Martin Luther King Jr. Spoke of the dream of equality.

"To come all these years later and now be able to witness this African-American president it really does bring tears to one's eyes. The thought that we really have transcended and the country's really moved forward that much."

This time though she'll have a seat thanks to her activism in the Democratic Party as well as having been a California delegate and avid supporter of Barack Obama.

"It's just something special about being in that place being there to actually witness history in person."

She has packed warm clothes and is ready to share in a new page of history; being written, she said, not just for African Americans, but for all Americans.

"He's the president of all the people and he's demonstrated that over and over again, his concern, his care and his love for this country. I think with his leadership we will see this country move back to the kind of country we all love and the leadership it once held in terms of the respect of the world," said Dezie Wood-Jones.


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