Advocate Newspaper Honors Obama

Fresno, CA, USA Les Kimber put Barack Obama on the front page of The Advocate after the president won November's election. Kimber says that moment is now overshadowed by Tuesday's inauguration of the country's first African American president. Kimber says, "You would have to be blind not to recognize that racism as it once was is no longer a factor."

Kimber is one founder of The California Advocate established in 1967. His newspaper blends minority activism and journalism to inform valley readers. The newsroom table is covered with newspapers commemorating President Obama's journey to the oval office. To mark the president's ultimate success, Kimber is publishing a special edition. Something that at one time would have been impossible. Kimber said, "You can't imagine what it was like starting a newspaper in Fresno, California in 1967. Depending on what our headline was determined whether or not the printer would print the paper."

Kimber said the commemorative issue is still in the works. It will contain stories memorializing how Fresno celebrated and how far the country has evolved. Kimber said, "To see Barack Obama sworn in as president today is not only a historic moment, but it's a moment that has made all those things I've suffered and people like me suffered worth while."

Some of the first special editions will be available in front of The Advocate office Friday evening. The founder hopes it not only commemorates Barack Obama's victory, but also becomes a collector's item.


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