More Budget Cuts at Fresno State

Fresno, CA, USA "It's time for our elected leaders to act."

Fresno state is now facing its third budget cut for the 2008-2009 school year. The first was 4.6 million in July, then 1.7 million in November -earlier this week governor Schwarzenegger's office tacked on another 3.6 million dollars in cuts, for a total of 9.9 million.

"That action will require us to continue the hiring freeze that we put in place this fall, it will require us to dip into our reserve and curtail spending for equipment.

Welty says the university is cutting spending for travel and work hours for students that work on campus like Joclyn Sahagun.

"I'm going to finish working my job 15 hours and my parents will help me out as well, whatever they can do."

Just last week, Welty said the university cut off new freshman applications.

"There will be 13 to 15 hundred students that are qualified to enter Fresno State that we would not be able to serve."

Jack Gartner manages The Kennel Bookstore. He said, "I think we're all a little bit nervous. Anything that would reduce enrollment or take more money for students to actually pay their fees would impact us."

Dr. Welty says the governor is requesting even more changes for the 2009- 2010 school year at students' expense.

"He's also recommending the board raise fees by 10 percent next year we still will be short next year by 15.8 million dollars."

He said if something isn't done soon-university staff could be next.


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