Fresno Pastor Shares Inauguration Experiences

Fresno, CA, USA Senior Bishop Charles Dickerson dispensed lessons to his Southwest Fresno congregation Sunday morning about his trip to President Barack Obama's inauguration.

"If ever there was a time for us to live responsibly it's right now…it's really time to operate with a sense of maturity that we put away childish things. And that message obviously was to America. But I believe it is a strong message to African-Americans," he said.

A message congregant Quiana Foster said was received loud and clear. "People in the community, minorities overall, can see that nothing can stop you when you put your mind to it and that's the hope I'm hoping a lot of people get from this opportunity," she said.

Foster said she's proud her pastor was there to represent Fresno, especially the Southwest side of town. "We devote so much to the community and to have someone that represents us in the Southwest Fresno area to go out and serve us, you know just let them know we're here; it's a nice feeling," she said.

Deacon Maurice Hewitt strongly feels the senior pastor's trip has boosted spirits locally and will renew individual faith.

"He's got pearly groves best interests at heart. And between Pearly Grove and the Lord, he's got it on track," said Hewitt.

Pastor Dickerson said he can only hope his experiences in D.C. resonate with his followers. "We did something. That this is a step towards the ultimate but not necessarily the end all," he said.

Dickerson added: not just African-American history was made last Tuesday or even U.S. history but world-wide history.


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