Rally for Pilot Who Landed in the Hudson

Danville, CA, USA Capt. Sully Sullenberger had few words for the thousands who came to see him. But today, it wasn't about what he had to say, it's about what he did, on January 15th.

Sullenberger moved to the small, east bay city of Danville 13 years ago. Where he and his family live a very ordinary life. Today it was just the opposite. When 'sully' waved, they waved back!

Pride spills over Danville's community square into the streets, where only well wishes are felt from those who watched sully land safely in the Hudson and save the lives of 155 people

Errol Johnson will go to almost any length to support people he believes in. He was in Washington D.C. for the inauguration. And now, he's back home to honor one of his own.

But for sully's wife he's the same man she's always known and it's Lori Sullenberger's husband who is now looking forward to leading the quiet life he had ... Before January 15th.


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