Seth Ireland's Father Demands Answers

Fresno, CA, USA The ten -year old boy was beaten to death earlier this month. His mother's boyfriend is accused of the crime.

On Tuesday, Joseph Hudson, the father of 10-year old Seth Ireland, stood before the Fresno County Board of Supervisors saying his son died partly because of a broken child protective services system.

"It's unconscionable that Seth continued to suffer after this was reported at CPS even more deplorable that he lost his precious life. It could have been prevented."

Hudson said his son's case is flawed, and he called for an independent party to investigate the actions of CPS. He also said director Katherine Huerta should resign.

"Seth is not the only child to have died under her watch. Actually if she had any type of human instincts she would have already resigned from her position."

CPS director Katherine Huerta told Action News she's had no discussions with Hudson and is giving him space to grieve. She said she is open to suggestions and reviews of policies.

In light of the young boy's death, Judy Case and other members of the Board of Supervisors is now considering a new law that would allow the board to see files and cases when there is a death a CPS.

"When we're faced with a tragedy and we've been faced with a tragedy in the past we have not been able to get information on it. So this is a good step.

Hudson said changes like these should continue for the sake of his child and others.

"Do not allow his life to be in vain. I ask you to please look into this tragedy and make the necessary changes no matter how challenging."

In another effort to improve services for children, the City Council passed a resolution from Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. It will provide services from the Marjoree Mason center and the police department whenever a child is involved in a domestic violence. Chief Jerry Dyer says that may have helped in this case.


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