Tom Daschle Withdraws Cabinet Consideration

Washington Tuesday morning the president's nominee for Health And Human Services Secretary, Tom Daschle, withdrew his name for the position. This comes after it was revealed the former Senator from South Dakota failed to pay some of his taxes.

Daschle withdrew, saying he couldn't serve without the complete confidence of the congress. President Obama released a written statement accepting Daschle's surprise request, saying "Now we must move forward." President Obama has other things on his mind, namely the economic stimulus bill.

Meanwhile the senate continues to debate the president's economic stimulus bill.

Under fire for having failed to pay more than $140 thousand dollars in back taxes and penalties, Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for Secretary Of Health and Human Services. President Obama released a statement, saying "I accept his decision with sadness and regret".

Tuesday morning, Eric Holder was sworn-in as Attorney General the first African-American to hold the job.

"There shall be no place for political favoritism, no reason to be timid in enforcing the laws that protect our rights," said Eric Holder.

But even as Preisdent Obama's cabinet becomes one step closer to being filled, the drama continues.

Nancy Killefer, his nominee to be Chief Performance Officer, a position the president created to make the U.S. government more efficient and transparent, is withdrawing her nomination following the revelation that she has a lien on her property for failure to pay taxes.

She is the third Obama nominee to have tax issues. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was confirmed despite failing to pay Social Security and Medicare Taxes between 2001 and 2004.

The president is hoping there will be no issues with his latest nomination, Senator Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary.

Gregg would be the third Republican to join the Obama cabinet. He only agreed to the nomination, after New Hampshire's democratic governor agreed to appoint a Republican to Gregg's vacant Senate seat to prevent Democrats from gaining a filibuster proof majority.

On the other end Of Pennsylvania Avenue, the battle continues to produce a stimulus bill that can gain G.O.P. backing. A bipartisan group of 10 centrist senators are reportedly editing the legislation to remove projects they deem wasteful.


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