Kingsburg Funeral Director's Death Ruled Murder

Fresno, CA, USA Tom's brother Ben Creighton is convinced, "Somebody knows what happened but nobody's come forward." Ben and Tom owned and operated Creighton Memorial Chapel. Ben said, "We made a call together Friday night and I never saw him again."

Last August 4th a neighbor found Tom, bloody and unconscious in own his driveway, just few yards away from the funeral chapel. Kingsburg Police say the night before, the funeral director was at a party across the street from his home where a stripper entertained a small group.

Chief Jeff Dunn said, "An adult entertainment dancer, a female dancer and her escort that attended the party with her." Creighton died a week later taking to his grave the secret that's rocked this small community and devastated his family.

Creighton said, "It's like a nightmare you don't wake up from. He's the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing I think of in the morning." Chief Dunn says Creighton's murder is only the town's second in almost a decade. He admitted, "The memorial handout that was at the funeral of Thomas Creighton has remained on my desk since the funeral."

Tom's brother told Action News he doesn't know what happened at the party his brother went to the night he was fatally beaten and if there's a possible connection to the stripper. "You can't help but look at that but that doesn't mean it was part of it, I just don't know."

But he's vowing to crack the Kingsburg secret that continues to haunt him. "It would feel like I let him die in vain if I don't see it through and get justice for him. He deserves that."

Police are hoping someone with crucial information about Creighton's murder will call them and end the 6 month old murder mystery.


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