Tainted Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Scare

Consumer Watch Students here at Rivera Middle School sold about a dozen boxes like this one from the Jane Dough Company that contained peanut butter cookie dough. So far no one has reported any problems, but administrators aren't taking any chances.

"I wanted to let you know that you did buy one of the boxes of peanut butter cookies that have since been recalled," said Maria Brouillard.

Maria Brouillard and other Rivera Middle School Administrators are busy contacting every person who purchased peanut butter cookie dough as part of a band and color guard fundraiser. That list includes Brouillard herself.

"I've been contacted by someone who said they ate it raw and they were fine, and I have some at my house that I've cooked and it's been fine, and still have more sitting in the freezer," said Brouillard.

Brouillard says most customers have not been too concerned, but the same can't be said for her students.

Brouillard said, "They came up before school saying, "we sold bad cookie dough, what's gonna happen?!."

The cookie dough made by Jane Dough and Dough-to-Go in the Bay Area is being recalled following a nationwide salmonella outbreak. It's one of hundreds of products made with potentially tainted peanut butter from this Georgia Plant. The dough was sold during fundraisers at schools across California, including Rivera Middle School, Exeter High School, and Gustine High School ... as well as Charleston, Lorena Falasco, Westside, and Our Lady of Fatima Schools in Los Banos.

"Safety is always our first concern."

Assistant Superintendent Greg Spicer says Rivera students sold the dough back in November, so he suspects most of it has already been eaten. But anyone who still has the boxed treats can bring them back to the school for a refund or exchange.

Asst. Supt. Greg Spicer said, "Our number one concern is we don't want anyone sick, and if they've got any leftover its better safe than sorry, and we'll exchange it."

That's an offer Brouillard plans to take ...

"I like to eat cookies and my kids do also. I'll probably be taking the company's offer up on exchanging the cookie dough," said Brouillard.

All of the affected Valley schools we contacted say they're taking similar steps to notify everyone who bought the peanut butter cookie dough.

But so far only Exeter High School has reported having any boxes returned.


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