Fishing Accident Claims two Friends

Fresno, CA, USA "They hit it off you know, as Frick and Frack, If you saw Frank in a truck going fishing you saw my Dad with him," said Ted Snyder.

Fred was 75. Frank was 84. They took their last fishing trip together on Tuesday, at their favorite fishing spot on Pine Flat Lake. Frank's widow, Lupe remembers waiting for him to come home.

"He goes fishing about every week and comes home about 6 or 7. But that night he didn't come home. Just made me nervous because he didn't come home," said Lupe Garcia.

The families got the terrible news on Wednesday. Both men's bodies were found near their overturned fishing boat. They had been wearing life vests, but with the temperature near freezing it's likely they succumbed quickly to the cold. They each left behind big families, who are now mourning their deaths, and remembering their lives... especially, the fishing trips.

"He had five daughters. We were taught at an early age to dig for the worms, hold 'em and dig for more. That's one of my fondest memories. Kind of yucky," said Patricia Galvan, Frank Garcia's oldest daughter.

"My Dad always said it wasn't important if we caught fish. It's that we went fishing. And that's something I always remember he said. So I'm gonna take my family fishing," said Ted Snyder.

Fred Snyder grew up in Easton. He retired as a salesman. He's survived by his wife Pat, a daughter, three sons, and five grandchildren.

"I can't remember a family function, a sporting event, a graduation he wasn't at. He was the person you always knew was going to be there to support you," said Fred's granddaughter, Janie Lowe.

Frank Garcia grew up in Pinedale. Decorated for service in the Army Air Corps in World War two, he retired as an insurance agent. He's survived by his wife Lupe, four daughters, a son, two stepsons and 14 grandchildren.

Frank's daughter Patricia said, "He told us many stories from the war. From his fishing experiences. And he really enjoyed fishing with his buddy Fred. They spent many hours together."

Funeral services for Fred Snyder will be held on Saturday. Services for Frank Garcia will be on Tuesday.


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