Recovery Bill Debate Begins in the Senate

Washington D.C. With the Senate preparing to debate the economic stimulus plan later today, President Barack Obama has tempered his hard sell.

During the Super Bowl pre-game show on NBC, he said the importance of getting the bill passed explained his outreach to republicans and some concessions. "I am confident that by the time we actually have the final package on the floor that we are going to see substantial support and people are going to say this is a serious effort, it has no earmarks, we're going to be trimming out things that are not relevant to putting people back to work right now," said President Barack Obama.

But Republicans, who didn't give the house bill a single vote of support, don't believe the senate version, which is nearing $900 billion dollars, includes enough of their ideas.

Democratic lawmakers say they're prepared to sweeten the deal by incorporating Republican demands.

More tax cuts, less spending, with the exception of infrastructure spending, which would receive more funds. But they said this legislation needs to pass immediately to turn around the failing economy.

"We have to put enough water on this fire to put it out. Throwing a tea cup of water at it means it will return tomorrow to face it again," said Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois.

President Obama is scheduled to meet with the Democratic congressional leadership at the White House Monday afternoon, many who will be accepting, or rejecting Republican demands.


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