State Funds Go Bye-Bye In Fresno County

Fresno, CA, USA Fresno county officials are catching a lot of heat right now from the public. That's because they only have enough money to support county programs like in home support and social services through March.

"They're pointing the finger at the county board of supervisors and I think they need to point a little higher. How about the state legislature?" asked supervisor Phil Larson.

Larson said the solution to state budget problems is pay cuts and furloughs for the 4,000 plus county employees. Larson plans to lead by example. "I really believe if we're going to ask people to take cuts we need to take cuts too," he said.

Employees on furloughs can expect to keep their benefits. However, come Monday morning over one dozen children will miss the benefits of day care here at the Creative Learning Center in Clovis.

"We worry about what they're gonna do and how are the kids gonna be," said Director Vonda Calhoun.

Calhoun said 17 children relied on their parents receiving "Cal-Works" funding to afford the opportunity to attend this daycare.

Calhoun said many of the parents are working multiple jobs or attending school and now will have no place to send their children. "It was very hard because many of them are young parents that are really trying to go to school and it just didn't… They don't' have the income to go to school and pay a child care," she said.

In May Calhoun and other daycare directors will head to Sacramento to discuss ways to help families in financial trouble.County cuts could come in March. Calhoun said he expects support during Monday's meeting.


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