Arrest after Baby Killed In Hit-And-Run

LOS ANGELES Police said the victims' mother was pushing her children in a stroller through a clearly marked crosswalk when they were struck by a black Honda at Bonnie Brae Street and Olympic Boulevard at about 6:10 p.m.

Their clothes and belongings were strewn for two blocks, while the driver sped away. The mother suffered minor injuries, while her 11-month-old was killed and her 5-year-old child remains hospitalized in critical condition with a fractured shoulder and head injuries.

Police arrested 30-year-old South Gate resident Henry Yovanni Moreno and booked him for vehicular manslaughter at about 11:30 p.m.

/*Hit-and-run*/ cases can be hard to solve, but in this case, police had the help of a Good Samaritan.

Someone followed the car, got the license number and called 911, leading police to an abandoned Honda near the /*Staples Center*/ -- about a mile away from the crime scene. Surveillance video showed the suspect walking away from the vehicle.

The Honda was not stolen, but it was registered under a false identity.

With the help of several law enforcement agencies, LAPD was able to track the driver down, and a detective told Eyewitness News that the driver was under the influence.

Police said the driver should have known a pedestrian crossing was ahead.

"There are two warning signs prior to this crosswalk," said LAPD Sgt. Ronnie Crump. He said anyone driving 35 miles per hour under normal circumstances would have known that they had hit someone or something.

Pedestrians who regularly use the crosswalk said they want the city to install a light.

Pedestrian Jessica Pierce said she and her dad no longer use the crosswalk because the cars don't stop.



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