Central Valley Jobs Available

Fresno, California Many believe job prospects look pretty grim, but there are hundreds of employers right here in the Valley looking for qualified applicants.

In this economy, even jobs that require you to wave a sign on a street corner dressed as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam are in high demand. Jesse Verdugo said he's happy to have a job.

"It's kind of a little bit funny being dressed up like this but you know, got to do what you got to do to pay your bills."

John Smart, the owner of Liberty Tax Service said sixty people applied for this minimum wage job before they had to stop taking applications.

"We had some people with college degrees coming in asking if they could be a Liberty Tax Service waver."

There are other jobs out there. Kacie Padilla, an employment recruiter for Fastenal said her company has 3 sales positions and several part-time positions that have gone unfilled for months.

"People that are laid off and who have lost their job where are they looking, because that's where we want to post our positions so that we'll get more than four people to apply."

Websites like CentralValleyJobs.com has 24 7 available jobs in the Fresno Clovis area, hotjobs.com has 343. Ray Navarro was in construction before his industry took a huge hit. Now he's applying for everything.

"General office clerk, the census bureau."

Workforce Connection has available positions in the medical field, manufacturing, long haul-out of state drivers and customer service.

Steve Gutierrez said in the past month jobs have grown in industries like healthcare, grocery stores, leisure and hospitality.

"That could be due to a lot of the hotels that have opened here in the Fresno area."

Experts say knowing where to look for a job is the first step to actually finding one.


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