Carjacking Suspects Crash into Rehab Center

Fresno, CA, USA The carjacking started just half an hour before a short distance away. The victim, a woman, had just walked out of a donut shop at the corner of Belmont and Fresno. She told police three men approached her SUV. One made a sign that he had a gun and ordered her out of the vehicle. She managed to grab her three year old child and get out.

Police spotted the silver Ford Expedition about half an hour later a few blocks north of the scene. Police say the driver took off when he saw their patrol cars.

A woman crossing the street said the SUV was speeding and swerving toward her. "I'm thinking, God, this is it. My life is over." Karen Moore who is seven months pregnant says the vehicle missed her by just inches. The vehicle was picked up by the spotlight of a police helicopter as it attempted to turn the corner at Belmont and Echo. The vehicle didn't make the turn and crashed into the building, demolishing an outside wall and crushing a couch and other furniture inside.

Police say after the crash the three suspects tried to run from the scene but were quickly caught. One was hospitalized with minor injuries suffered in the crash.

The carjacking victim and her child were not hurt.


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