Deadly Oklahoma Tornado

Lone Grove, Oklahoma It unfolded live on local television in Oklahoma City as KOCO's weather man warned the public about what was happening.

The small town of Lone Grove, some 100 miles south of Oklahoma City, appears to have taken the worst hit as the half-mile-wide twister touched down just after dark Tuesday.

Emergency workers in lone grove worked throughout the night. Victims were heard screaming for help from dark fields.

The twister touched down just before 7:30 Tuesday night tearing a half-mile wide path through the town. Killing at least 15 people and sending many running for cover.

Homes in this town of where are destroyed, the power's out and some people are still missing.

Earlier in the day, 100 miles to the north in Edmond, a news helicopter captured a tornado forming in mid-air. On the ground it tore down roofs and fences, and blew down trees and scattered debris everywhere. In Oklahoma City, the storm hit with little warning.

Nearby, a dozen other people at a Chuck-E-Cheese hid in the bathroom as the tornado tore the place apart. The storm was so strong walls were pierced by pieces of flying glass.

Several devastating tornadoes in one day, all before the storm season has even officially begun.


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