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On a recent afternoon at Fresno's Riverpark Shopping Center we found lots of high school and college students willing to talk about jobs, or in this case, the lack thereof.

Malachi Taylor said, "I've applied at Johnny Rockets, and here and Manchester Theatre and Starbucks and they said I'd have to wait a little bit because there's a long line of people waiting."

Another High School student Shealin Ritter said, "I filled out like 20 something applications and turned them all in and no call backs. I got a call back from Jamba Juice awhile back and I got to a second interview but I didn't get the last call."

High school and college students are often competing against older, more experienced workers.

Dan Fitzgerald, a job recruitment coordinator for Fresno State said, "It's a very tough market because of the number of experienced people out there searching for jobs as well due to the layoffs and a lot of adjustments by employers."

Fitzgerald said the jobs are out there, you just have to know where to look. The national website "Snagajob.com" has at least 150 part time job listings in the Fresno- Clovis area right now.

Career counselors say there are strategies you can use even in a tough economic climate like the one we're in. First of all, don't wait until April or May to apply for that summer job. Now is the time. And while you're waiting for the job, volunteer or get an internship to get some experience."

Once you've put in your application, experts say it's critical to brush up on your interviewing skills. Even with little or no experience appearance and personality can go a long way.


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