Amgen Tour Beneficial To Clovis Hotels and Businesses

Clovis, CA, USA City officials said this athletic event will be a great stimulus to the local economy. "It's a great day at the Clovis Holiday Inn and Express this is Lindsay how may I help you?"

Assistant manager Lindsay Ayello spends most of her time answering calls from a select group of tourists--sports fans looking for a place to stay when the Amgen tour rolls into town. But every room is filled.

"Bringing that kind of business in to the area with the economy being the way that it is and having a great quality product to open up in time for these people to come in and stay with us is extremely big," said Ayello.

"A lot of people needing to eat, fill up their cars with gas…it will be busy," said Clovis business manager Shawn Miller.

Miller said in the past the tour has generated over one-hundred million dollars divided between host cities.

Miller hopes the recent addition of 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong will add more excitement.

"So I'm expecting to see about 200 million dollars based on that for the state of California. Clovis is getting a big chunk of that being a finish city," said Miller.

Wednesday cyclists will end stage 4 in Clovis.

Local bike shop owner Douglas Reitz said his sales have not increased but he has noticed a growing interest in the sport.

"Everybody's really excited about it. It will be something to see. Expect a lot of spectators," said Reitz.

Tour coordinators believe 50,000 spectators will be in Clovis.

That is good news for businesses like the Holiday Inn. If someone cancels a room, there should be plenty people in line to take it.

There are about 600 hotel rooms in Clovis alone. Many surrounding hotels have been booked.

City officials hope people stay on here to view all that Clovis has to offer before heading to Visalia for stage 5 of the tour.


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