Seventeen Valley Dairies Have Been Taken Out Of Production.

February 16, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Low milk prices and high feed costs have forced many Valley dairy operators to give up. As a result, thousands of dairy cows are now being sold for beef.Low milk prices and an over-supply of dairy product have spurred the industry to buy out 184 dairies nationwide. 60-thousand cows have been retired.

Dairy operators like Donny Rollin in Riverdale are paid per one-hundred pounds of milk. He said you can break even somewhere between $16 and $19-dollars per hundred pounds.

If they don't, dairy operators may be forced to take part in the next round of herd buyouts, which some producers said is needed. Despite the glut on the market, cows still must be milked.

Feed prices remain high but Rollin said he's in it for the long run,

Rollin said the slaughterhouse is not an option for his cows.


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