Clovis Tax Hike

Fresno, CA, USA Chamber officials Fran Blackney says, "People are really angry about the state tax hikes and you put more on top of that, and with what's going on in the Federal Government it's like the perfect storm on everybody's shoulders."

The current total sales tax charged in Clovis is 7.9 per cent. The same as Fresno. The state increase will push both cities to 8.9 percent, If measure A passes then Clovis stores will charge 9.9 per cent. Some business owners like gift shop owner Pat Vollhardt are concerned the extra penny on the dollar will be enough to drive business away.

"And now to raise it a penny above Fresno a lot of people will go to Fresno to shop, especially if they are making a large purchase." She said.

But Measure A supporters point out Clovis will not benefit from the state sales tax hike, and needs the money to maintain vital services. Clovis Police Officer Vince Weibert serves on the "Yes on Measure A" committee.

"Regardless of what the state has done, the city of Clovis is still facing the same challenges the same problems. We still have the need to hire more officers and firefighters, that doesn't change." Weibert said.

Critics said Measure A does not guarantee money will go to Police and Firefighters, but supporters say it will go to the city's general fund and early 90 per cent of the general fund goes pay for Police and Fire protection.

Clovis voters will decide the fate of Measure A on March 3rd.


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