Finding Hope Now

Fresno, CA, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A full-length feature film will be shot entirely here in Fresno. It's about a program that encourages gang members to lead better lives.

The film is getting help from a well known actor who has worked on major projects including the hit show "the practice".

It's the streets of Downtown Fresno that will be the backdrop of the new film, "Finding Hope Now." Emmy winning actor Michael Badalucco will soon play the starring role of a minister helping gang members get off the streets.

He will be playing the role of Reverend Roger Minassian-the founder of the hope now program. The real Minassian started the program 16 years ago -he said back then Fresno was a different place. Since then, he has helped 1,609 gang members get jobs, raise families and become productive citizens.

And because this film tells a true story--the director will use actual locations and actors from right here in the valley.

There are nearly 150 acting professionals in the Greater Fresno Area alone. Soon they will help tell the story of young men overcoming difficult obstacles.

Filmmakers want the majority of the actors, crew members and volunteers to come from right here in the Valley. The first casting call will be held on March 14. The film shoots in May.


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