Picture Imperfect

Visalia, CA, USA Now, former clients are demanding answers -- after the owner, Tamara (tuh-mare-uh) Orton, made off with their money and their memories.

These few images are all Landon and Natalie Mapes have to remember their 2005 wedding... Despite the $4,500 dollars they paid to Visalia photographer Tamara Orton of Inner Spirit Photography.

Countless e-mails show the couple's repeated yet unsuccessful attempts to try to get the prints and albums they paid for.

One of the last e-mails they received from Orton in February 2007 reads: "first let me say I am very sorry. My life took a huge nose dive last year and everything got out of control."

Orton promises to deliver... But instead, disappeared.

Last year, the Mapes filed this small claims case against Orton. The Mapes said she showed up in court and admitted there were other couples she owed pictures to... Including both of Rhonda Montgomery's daughters. The Montgomery family paid Orton $10,000 dollars for two weddings in 2005.

The Montgomery's hired Visalia detective Rocky Pipkin to help. Pipkin--in turn--contacted action news.

But Pipkin tracked down Orton-who's been living in Iowa. Wednesday... She was back in Visalia, at the Tulare County Courthouse for a child custody hearing.

Other than the apology... Orton's victims still say they're still left with nothing.

After the confrontation -- Tamara Orton promised to turn over her clients' high resolution files from their weddings. Action News spoke with the Tulare County District Attorney's Office and the Consumer Fraud Unit is aware of the complaints against Orton and is considering its own investigation.

Action News has reason to believe -- there are more victims...


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