Marjaree Mason Center Mini-Makeover

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But, now, inspired by Extreme Makeover Home Edition, a group of local contractors are donating their time and money to give the center a new kitchen and a new start.

"We've fixed and we've patched and we've patched and we've fixed and now its time to just demolish and start over," said Brooke Ashjian.

Located in a building that's nearly 100 years old, the kitchen at the Marjaree Mason Center is falling apart.

So turning this on is not doing anything? "Not that I can see," said Ashjian.

Cabinets are broken, shelves are torn out, the ceiling is leaking and that's just a few of the growing problems.

"It's not where you or I would want to eat if we had our families here," said Ashjian.

Brooke Ashjian is on the Board of Directors at the center. He says client services have always been their top priority, which is why the facility has deteriorated. Ashjian says they've had estimates done on a new kitchen which totaled almost 277-thousand-dollars. But after seeing Extreme Makeover Home Edition help the Riojas family, he says businesses in the area were inspired to do the work for free.

"They saw an overwhelming support for one person, and they said I think we can something a little bit different that can help more people with the same amount of force," said Ashjian.

Fixing the kitchen here is more than just for cosmetic appeal. Some clients have actually come in here and seen a place without drawers and cabinets and said that they would rather go back to an abusive environment. Pamela Kallsen, the center's Executive Director said, "We have had clients come in and look at this setting and say I can't deal with this. My quality of life at home even with the abuse is better than what this kitchen represents."

She says the project will help give their families a fresh start all thanks to a show that inspired an entire community.

"We were so fortunate that it came to Fresno and now, look what its done, it's inspired others to help the victims of domestic violence," said Kallsen.

The companies involved with this project want to remain anonymous. Construction on the new kitchen will start in late March or early April.

Marjaree Mason Center


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