Fresno Teen Killed By Train, Counselors on Campus at Cooper Middle School

Fresno, CA, USA Stacy Frierson loved to hang out and have fun with his friends. They say he was the funny one in the group. He was popular on campus, Friday 125 classmates sought counseling to deal with their grief.

Stacy Frierson's 180 pound body was no match for a train traveling 60 miles an hour. Friday classmates returned to school to hear the sad news of the 8th graders death. He was well known at Cooper Middle School, leaving friends and teachers even more devastated.

Susan Bedi said, "He was on the football team and very well liked. I hear he was a jokester. Just real popular with the kids so we're having a lot of kids seeking assistance and support from psychologists today."

Stacy's Father, showed up at the train tracks shortly after the accident hoping to see his son one last time, but he changed his mind once emotions set in.

The Victim's Father Stacy Frierson said, "Nobody need to go back there and see that me or any other parent. It wouldn't be right on their heart, it wouldn't be right."

A handful of Stacy's friends watched in horror Thursday afternoon as he darted across the tracks. They said they tried to warn him.

Khai Williams said, "We said 'You're not going to make it.' And he said, 'Yes I am' and he kept running."

Stacy's father says he doesn't know why his son would try to beat a train. He's trying to cope by turning to his faith.

"My son his heart was right with god. That's all the world need to know. He was put with the good lord and he beat me there," said Frierson.

Trains were back on schedule. Stacy's father says he'd like to see more money put toward barriers along train tracks in the future.

Monday counselors will be back on campus to help classmates deal with the loss.


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