Fresno County Deputies busted a huge cockfight Saturday.

Fresno, CA, USA Fresno County Deputies remained at this property Saturday night, where just hours earlier, they raided a massive cockfight.

Deputy Chris Curtice said,"50-75 people, at least a hundred birds, we have a lot of things to go through."

Inside, deputies also found drugs, weapons, and six-thousand dollars in cash.

They said it's the first big cockfighting bust so far this year in Fresno County.

"This is an ongoing problem. It's a cultural situation also. In other countries and areas, this is legal."

An ongoing problem, that has few consequences. Sheriff's deputies said the dozens of spectators at Saturday's cockfight face misdemeanor charges that will probably only cost them about 50 dollars.

SPCA officials said it's a slap on the wrist that doesn't help their cause. "There's not enough discouragement. There is much more of a profit made off of the gambling that are associated with this, the selling of the top fighting rooster, that kind of thing so there's a lot of profit and not a lot of consequences."

Several of the roosters were taken to the SPCA in West Central Fresno. The rest will be banded and housed at the property where they were found.

"It's inhumane all the way around because not only do the animals lose their life, they're severely injured. They don't get to live a normal life that just a normal rooster would."

Since those birds are trained to fight each other, they have to be separated. So housing them is difficult. And unfortunately, some of them will be euthanized.


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