Police Break Up Huge Party In Warehouse

Fresno, CA, USA Officers arrived after a call of shots fired, and were shocked by what they found.

This was the frenzied scene at Belmont and Fresno shortly after police broke up a massive party that was organized over MySpace and text messages.

LT. Mike Doyle of the Fresno Police Dept. said, "Officers arrived on scene, and we opened up the door, and to our amazement there was about 1500 to 2000 kids between the ages of 13 and 20 packed inside an abandoned warehouse."

Police emptied out the building and shut down the entire intersection as they tried to sort through the crowd of kids, looking for a shooter and any possible victims. But as the party flowed out into the streets, fights began breaking out.

Officers arrested several of the teens, and even tazed one young man. A field commander at the scene tells action news officers found shell casings on the ground, but they did not find any gunshot victims.

However, police said this is a situation that was incredibly dangerous and could have ended much worse.

Police said many of the kids had been dropped off by their parents. Officers spend much of the night trying to find them safe rides home.

Officers said party organizers were charging eight dollars per person to get into the event. But they're still investigating who's responsible for renting out the space.


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