Clovis Teen Admits to Deadly Accident

Fresno, CA, USA Action News previously interviewed the 13-year-old boy last December. He speaks Hmong and told us what happened to two-year-old Jennifer Yang. We are not revealing the boy's identity because of his age. He told the same story to Judge David Gottlieb on Tuesday. Judge Gottlieb did not allow the media to record the hearing and asked the parties not to comment to reporters.

The judge asked the boy, "My understanding is you were taking care of Jennifer Yang?" The boy said, "Yes". The judge asked, "And you struck her or pushed her?" The boy responded, "I pushed her, but it was on accident." The judge continued by asking, "And when you did so, you knew it was wrong to push her?" The boy said, "I didn't know it was right or wrong, but it was an accident."

The boy admitted to involuntary manslaughter. His family also attended the hearing, and they heard the possible punishments. The boy could serve one year probation, be placed in a group home or foster care or sent to a juvenile detention facility for up to four years. He returns to juvenile court next month to learn his sentence.


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