Dancing with the Stars Injuries

Los Angeles, Calif., USA "I could have a broken shoulder, I would not care. I would keep going." Actor Gilles Marini doesn't have a broken shoulder, but he does have a shoulder injury.

Gilles knew something was wrong hours before his Monday night dancing debut. A physical therapist helped him out then. Doctors are treating him now. "I went to the hospital last night and the doctor confirmed a separated shoulder. So it sounds bad but a couple of steroid shot in there and you moved it again. So I'm going to keep having those steroid shots until the end of competition and then we fix the problem down the line," said Marini.

Computer star Steve Wozniak needs to be rebooted. He's injured his foot seriously enough that he's resting it whenever he can. He's been treated for the problem and has decided to continue dancing because he's having such a great time.

Then there's "Jackass" star Steve-O who's back is just a mess: pinched nerves, torn muscles, inflammation. He's had to walk through his salsa routine with partner Lacey Schwimmer. "We can't really rehearse the tricks that we want to rehearse at the moment but come Showtime, I'm positive he'll pull through. I really want him to rest his back as much as possible. It's important that he doesn't get any more injured, you know? So my job as a choreographer is to take every precaution and, you know, he doesn't deserve to be in pain," said Schwimmer.

So why are so many dancers in pain?

Corky Ballas, who performed with Cloris Leachman last season, has 40-years of experience. Here's his theory: "I don't think people realize how difficult dancing is. They're not pacing themselves correctly and they're pushing themselves beyond what they are capable of doing in the beginning."

You can catch "Dancing With The Stars" Monday night at 9:00pm, on ABC30.

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