Clovis Home Invasion Victims are also Suspects

Clovis, CA, USA Clovis Police were called out to the home in East Clovis by the victim of a shooting. When they arrived, they found a likely motive and much more.

Officers took away rifles and marijuana plants at the house where a brutal home invasion almost took the life of 20 year old Erich Aufderheide. He was shot in the chest moments after confronting two armed suspects inside his Clovis home.

Calli Biaggi with the Clovis Police Department said, "When police arrived they found two victims, one of a gunshot wound one they found had been assaulted and hit in the head with an unknown object."

Police say just before dawn they received a 911 call ... It was the shooting victim himself asking for help. His father, 57 year old Walter Aufderheide was also seriously hurt in the confrontation. The incident is one of several drug related busts in Clovis within the past weeks.

Clovis City Councilman Nathan Magsig said, "I am concerned about these things happening because they are taking place throughout the entire community of Clovis it's not isolated in one particular part of this city."

Some Clovis City Councilmembers have noticed the recent crime trend. Last month police arrested Frank Bertao for selling prescription drugs. Inside his home they found 400 illegal prescription drugs.

Officers raided the Granada Apartments and arrested five people for selling rock cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

Fresno County Sheriff's Captain Jose Flores, also a Clovis City Councilman says many find the drug trade especially lucrative during tough times.

Councilman Jose Flores said, "With the failing economy people are looking for alternatives for revenue and unfortunately for their own finances sometimes they think that a quick buck they resort to drug dealing and drug trading. It's not the way to handle this economy."

As for the latest home invasion, police don't have much information about the suspects, except that they were likely looking for the drugs. Inside the home officers also found hashish, a concentrated form of marijuana.

At last check, Erich Aufderheide is in critical condition, his father in serious. Both will likely face criminal charges once they are released from the hospital.


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