Murder and Dismemberment

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This Exclusive Action News video shows police with suitcases covered on a gurney containing Taylor's dismembered body. In an interview with police 50-year old Brian Waldron confessed to murdering and cutting Taylor up. He sat patiently in court Tuesday listening to the lead detective recount that confession. "He described a violent struggle, that's how he put it. A struggle," said Detective Mark Yee.

Yee said Friday October 24 Waldron was approached by Taylor at his apartment in East Central Fresno. A fight took place inside the apartment where Waldron said he was forced to defend himself. What happened next is what has attorneys and investigators shocked. "He told me that he dragged the body into the bathroom, placed it into the bathtub and then cut it into pieces," said Yee.

Yee's testimony was too much for the Taylor family. "It's a very stomach upsetting situation especially hearing everything that was going on in there," said step father Domingo Tejeda.

Waldron's attorney David Mugridge, a former boss, says his client is the real victim. Mugridge said his challenge is to show a jury that Waldron was protecting himself from a home invasion. "Ultimately to focus on the facts surrounding the initial homicide itself and not what happened afterwards," said Mugridge.

Detective Yee said Waldron researched ways to cover up this type of crime. Cleansers were purchased, shampoo for the rugs and charcoal to mask the smell from inside this apartment. "He told me, I believe, that he had read about that or done some research," said Yee.

A judge will ultimately decide whether Waldron should face a jury. Whatever the outcome step-father Domingo Tejeda said no family should have to deal with this type of loss. "Jonathan was a good kid. He had a lot going for him. And what happened to him should not happen to anybody. Anybody in this world," said Tejeda.


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