Fresno State Plans Cuts and Student Fee Hikes

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Some Faculty members, like English Professor Lisa Weston are also concerned. She said, "I think it's a shame those students who will be here in the fall and will be getting so much less."

But University President John Welty says the school has no choice but to cut back. He said, "The situation is severe. We have to reduce the number of new students coming to the university next year by 500 hundred full time students. And those students that are here may find it more difficult to get classes at exactly the same time they would like or they may have to wait a little longer for services." Welty made the comment at a news conference on Tuesday.

Under the proposal Welty unveiled the university will eliminate 100 courses. The school will also reduce summer session offerings and increase class size. Up to 80 part time faculty members will be cut. On top of that the CSU system is expected to raise fees ten percent.

FSU student Sumer Sharma said it will hurt. "It will affect me tremendously. I'm putting myself through school going to work it's hard enough getting a job to begin with, and with the economy the way it is it's very difficult right now," said Sharma.

Welty says the plans are not final, and depend on how much money the legislature puts aside for higher education when the state budget is revised in June. The California State University Board of Trustees will take up the fee increase issue at a meeting later this month.


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