City of Fresno Stimulus Plan

Fresno, CA Before Mayor Ashley Swearengin took office, she vowed to help both local businesses and the housing market thrive during this economic crisis. Among her plans, reduce developer fees and entice people to buy local.

Fresno City Officials have spent months putting together a comprehensive plan that's designed to help stimulate the local economy. At the forefront is the housing industry. City officials want to freeze impact fees for developers and expand its down payment assistance program.

Darius Assemi, vice president of Granville Homes said it's a win-win for buyers and builders. "And more people number one will be able to be put back to work immediately, and number two more people will be able to buy a home in the City of Fresno."

The city's economic stimulus plan also includes putting more city funds into local banks so the money will be lent to local businesses.

They're also looking at implementing a city employee discount program at local businesses and restaurants and launching a "buy local" campaign, enticing shoppers to spend their money in Fresno.

A simple idea said sequoia brewing company owner Scott Kendall, with long-term effects. "Well, I think you're just helping out your next door neighbor. That's what it all comes down to is trying to keep everybody that's local employed as much as you can."

Spending what you can is what some city officials say is key to making this plan work. "We understand that the economy is tough. Everybody is trying to put their money away for a rainy day or just in case but we also want to sure to encourage them to spend wisely and do spend because it doesn't do our economy any good if we just hoard and don't spend," said Fresno City Councilman Blong Xiong.

The mayor will meet with city officials to discuss this new stimulus effort Monday morning.

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